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firstredmoon in lovingwhatis


hi all!

i thought it would be cool if, when you join, you introduce yourself (if you want!). so here i go.

my name is gauri, i'm 24, and i'm in melbourne, australia. i'm a naturopathy student.

i first encountered the work when my mum lent me her copy of 'loving what is' around 4 years ago, when i was going through a particularly tough time. i wasn't really ready for it, but the following year i got really into it and tried to work on every issue in a huge flood of work. but i wasn't really doing the work, because i wasn't interested in finding out the truth, i just wanted to get over my issues and get on with my life. but as i did it more, and as i read more and watched the dialogues on youtube, i got more of a feel for it. i've been practicing it pretty often (anywhere from a few times a day to once a week) and nothing else gives me such joy and release.

since i started, i've noticed a bit of space open up inside myself. i've noticed that as soon as i have a new thought, it's automatically followed by 'is it true?'. i've also noticed my interpersonal relationships have improved more than i can say, and i take more responsibility for my own feelings than i ever have. i am rarely the victim these days.

i feel so wonderful and free and i'm so grateful that the work came to me. i try and tell everyone about the work but it's hard to be sensitive to whether people want to hear about it or not. i guess if they're interested, they'll ask more.

now you!


Thanks for the invite, I needed badly to get back into the work, more than I can clearly express.

October 2008

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