"I am bored with myself"

Would anyone mind applying the work to this self-judgment and let me know what you come up with?
Someone else's perspective is most needed at this time.

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Need Help Doing The Work

I need some guidance and hopefully could get some inspiration from you. I'm trying to do The Work on my feelings towards one of my co-workers. Part of my aggrevation for him is his business (but I guess everything is his business, and my business is how I react to it) but the other part is when his business spills into my life.

Would anyone mind working this through with me? I'll put my thoughts behind a cut so it won't be too long for anyone that wants to skip this. But I could sure use some help. Collapse )

So if you've read this, how do I do the work on this? I'm so confused.


My struggle for that elusive Inner Peace


My unique search for inner peace started around age 12 when mathematics got under my skin. A shift in perspective and a questioning of all I perceive to be real started with this.

Mathematics was truth in it’s own language and until my 5th semester of calculus (Vector Calculus) in college when it stopped being easy to understand… there I found a lot of my answers. I still love mathematics but am still frustrated that I cannot go further down that rabbit hole….for now.


In high school I started looking for the unanswerable questions we all ask, in Al-anon and then religions and practicing Christianity in the Catholic Church, music, art, poetry and prayer.


In college I found some half answers and half truths in Quakers, the Grateful Dead, Reggae, Buddhism, Linguistics and Abstract Algebra. 


After marriage, and then twins, one normal, one autistic, I found myself clamoring “Why me? Why her? Why us?” to what felt like a vastly empty universe. I heard about The Seat of the Soul, by Gary Zukav…I read it, it resonated with a core of knowing inside me. So many answers that had eluded me for years became so clear and simple to accept.


More books affirmed and reaffirmed what I knew, but kept forgetting with each new challenge in my life. Each one bringing it’s own way of looking at the whole that made it easier and simpler to practice inner peace. My search continues, of course, because it is just fun to find a new perspective to help maintain that balance that is so easily toppled, which just makes me deliciously imperfectly human… “riding on a spiral of our own divinity”.


My chronological list of spiritual gems found along the way goes:


Man’s Search for Meaning, by Victor Frankl

A Return to Love, by Marianne Williamson

The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

Work as a Spiritual Practice, by Lews Richmond


Everything by SARK


Lateralus Lyrics, by Tool


During my “unlearning” moments it used to take a lot of searching to find the right words to make sense of it all again. In my humanness, I do love to hold on to my stories and rules more often than not. Flailing against the brick walls of reality, creating drama, sometimes felt necessary.And then…comes along Loving What Is, by Byron Katie which is an amazing tool to lightspeed you right back to inner peace with her four simple questions.


But even now, I sometimes forget to use them when most needed….

So, a community of practitioners will be most helpful.

the words

Starting The Work

Another noob post. I have to admit I found Byron Katie through Oprah (sorry to all those who knew her before). I haven't quite been the same since. I watched her intriguing interview with Oprah all the way once. Then I started thinking about how I could apply The Work to my own life - specifically on my issues with weight, my job, and my life's path. I ended up going back and re-watching the interviews again and bought the book Loving What Is. It makes so much more sense now. Today I've started really delving into the book and I'm finding so much that makes sense.

I love the introduction, where there is the printed interview with a woman who hates her husband. I inserted job everywhere she talked about her husband. I at least realize that if I keep on job hopping I'm going to be miserable everywhere I go because I haven't dealt with my stressful thoughts about my job, my self-worth, etc.

I'm very excited to get more into this book and doing The Work. Perception is everything. I want to perceive life as beautiful, the way it was intended to be perceived.


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Hey, my name is Duran. I live in Carmichael, California, USA. I'm a superviser at a pizzeria, an artist and aspiring tattooist. I started using The Work about two years ago because I was in a very brutal but revealing break-up with somebody who is still very special to me. Since then it has greatly influenced many important aspects of my life, philisophically, relegiousley, politically, all of it. Since then I've had both my parents and my little sister read it. I haven't done it in a very long time and I have been consumed by my lack of control over my thoughts and emotions. Simply put, I'm honestly quite miserable.
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hi all!

i thought it would be cool if, when you join, you introduce yourself (if you want!). so here i go.

my name is gauri, i'm 24, and i'm in melbourne, australia. i'm a naturopathy student.

i first encountered the work when my mum lent me her copy of 'loving what is' around 4 years ago, when i was going through a particularly tough time. i wasn't really ready for it, but the following year i got really into it and tried to work on every issue in a huge flood of work. but i wasn't really doing the work, because i wasn't interested in finding out the truth, i just wanted to get over my issues and get on with my life. but as i did it more, and as i read more and watched the dialogues on youtube, i got more of a feel for it. i've been practicing it pretty often (anywhere from a few times a day to once a week) and nothing else gives me such joy and release.

since i started, i've noticed a bit of space open up inside myself. i've noticed that as soon as i have a new thought, it's automatically followed by 'is it true?'. i've also noticed my interpersonal relationships have improved more than i can say, and i take more responsibility for my own feelings than i ever have. i am rarely the victim these days.

i feel so wonderful and free and i'm so grateful that the work came to me. i try and tell everyone about the work but it's hard to be sensitive to whether people want to hear about it or not. i guess if they're interested, they'll ask more.

now you!